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Free Employment Law Advice For Employers!

  • What are your employees’ maternity and paternity rights?
  • How can you legally dismiss a problem employee?
  • Are your disciplinary procedures as watertight as they should be?
  • How do you make the right decision when it comes to redundancies?
  • How do you correctly complete the TUPE process?
  • Do you need new staff contracts writing?
  • Have you got a staff dispute that you need help resolving?
  • Is your business being taken to an employment tribunal by a former member of staff?

Is Your Business Facing A Health And Safety Crisis?

  • Do you need help identifying and dealing with hazards within your workplace?
  • Is it almost time for your next fire safety inspection?
  • Does your business have a high rate of workplace accidents?
  • Are your policies and procedures up to date?
  • Do you need help writing/conducting risk assessments within your business?
  • Is your business compliant with the latest health and safety legislation?

Free Occupational Health Advice For UK Businesses

  • Do you need advice on supporting staff struggling with mental health issues?
  • Are you worried about staff being injured do to occupational hazards?
  • Have members of your staff started showing signs of ill health related to their job?
  • Could your staff benefit from a visit from an occupational health professional?
  • Would you like to conduct alcohol or drug testing on your staff?


Reduce Absence Rates In Your Business!

  • Does your business suffer from a high absence rate?
  • Are unauthorised absences costing your business money?
  • As an employer, what are your rights when a member of staff is absent from work?
  • How can you cut down short term absences?
  • Are you putting the right protocols in place for staff returning from long term absence?


Free Food Safety Advice When You Need It Most!

  • Need help putting together your HACCP processes?
  • Are you facing an environmental health audit or inspection and want some help preparing?
  • Did your business receive a low food hygiene rating?
  • Has a customer made an allegation of food poisoning against your business?
  • Are you looking for an all encompassing food safety package?
  • Would you like to assess the quality of your suppliers?


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